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iStock offers a full commerce solution for multiple locations, a mobile application for managing product levels in store and the warehouse, as well as a fully integrated EPOS module for running as a front end till.

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Web Based Dashboard

iStock centers around a web based management console that allows you to manage your stock levels from a centralised location. Add, transfer and modify products from different warehouses, add new purchase orders and manage both your customers and supppliers with ease.

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Android & iOS Application

The iStock mobile application allows you to scan in deliveries, check stock and ammend batches all from the familiar hardware of your Android or iOS device. The application features push sync to and from your web console for realtime data, and a sophisticated scan emulator that utilises your devices camera to accurately scan barcodes.

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EPOS Module

The EPOS module offered with the iStock system helps you to fully integrate your companies commerce. Built into a web based software environment, you can simultainously take orders and process stock in multiple locations.

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System Integration

We offer multi tennant and self hosted software environemnts for your iStock system, meaning that systems integration with your existing solutions is seamless. Every version of the iStock solution offers features such as CSV data imports, transforming your spreadsheet based records in seconds.

Easy Interface

iStock features a simple, easy to use interface that allows for rapid navigation of tasks and a smooth transfer from paper based systems with our familiar web theme. Want your own personalised version? We can configure a stand alone instance branded for your company.

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"iStock was perfect for starting our new business" - Chloe Maxwell

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